Introduction and plan

Hey Id like to introduce myself and discuss why I am writing this blog and finally describe my plan to you. I am not initially advocating this plan as i have no known results. We will be reviewing my results each week through measurements and a blood test at the end of the great experiment. My best advice for now is to follow your doctor’s directions and take prescribed medications. That being said there really are no valid medical treatments for metabolic syndrome.

I arrived at this point unfortunately through the use of prescription medications. There are a few classes of medications that are notorious for inducing metabolic syndrome. Mine is characterized by rapid weight gain, high cholesterol, very high triglycerides, high liver enzymes and non alcoholic fatty liver disease. All of these disastrous for long term health. Doctors have offered virtually nothing effective in terms of treatment even though i have seen some of the best specialists in the country. Diets with restrictions almost impossible to follow with limited beneficial results, medications for high cholesterol, and no treatments for the liver as none exist in the pharmaceutical field. So i kind of gave up and tried to ignore the problem to the best of my ability. However, one day I decided I wanted to live, follow my dreams, see my nephew grow up, etc.. So for me i now refuse to ignore this problem and am going to tackle it myself.

The Plan. I am well versed in reading and evaluating scientific research thanks to my advanced education. I will often refer you to these reports and the scientific evidence behind my decisions. I will start going over the reason for each supplement in next week’s post. I will continually update you on my progress. The supplements i have arrived at have scientific evidence for treating all the symptoms and root causes of metabolic syndrome. Doctors will want to shoot me, and if you take this list to them they may laugh you out of the office. Doctors are tightly tied to the pharmaceutical industry and it is true that since there is a profit to be made from these drugs there is more money available for research. Im not saying not to take your prescribed medications by any means. Okay here is the list, we will go over the why’s next week. 7 keto DHEA, Forskolin, MCT oil, phospahtidylcholine. alpha lipoic acid, high potency fish oil, milk thistle, food based multivitamin with chromium, Garcinia Cambogia. I have already lost 23 of the pounds i need to lose on my own we will see what happens in the weeks to follow. One thing i can report is that immediately after starting these supplements i feel an energy i haven’t felt since i was a teenager. I have been chronically fatigued for years. If they do absolutely nothing else for me which is not what the science suggests i will continue them for this energy benefit alone. I will from time to time recommend brands. I make no money and have no association with any of these companies I will recommend solely based on lab reports for efficacy, truth in labeling, and safety.

That’s it for now. See you next week.


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